could coolant leak into your refrigerator and freezer and not outside the frige?

Posted on November, 13 at 7:13 pm |

when i open the door to the freezer on my refrigerator i have a acrid smell coming from it. it also smells in the frige part but not as bad as the freezer, just wondering if coolant could be leaking into the freezer and frige and not outside the frige and if it is leaking is the food going to be alright in it? it hasn’t smell until today so i know its not the food in it.

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5 Responses to “could coolant leak into your refrigerator and freezer and not outside the frige?”

  1. Daniel D Says:

    Freon Is orderless Has no smell…..But if you have something else that has died in there like onion 4 months old ….What I recommend is to turn off fridge take everything out….Clean clean clean until it no longer smells, remember a warm refer will smell more when warm then cold that way it will be cleaner.

  2. analize2much Says:

    if you do have a leak the fridge wont stay cold long.

    Arm & Hammer baking soda for smells.

    Meat even when frozen can go bad and start to smell.

    but YES it is possible, just unlikely.

  3. TnA Inc. Says:

    refrigerant could leak inside the unit, it could smell bad if the compressor had a burnout
    refrigerant carries oil troughout the system and back to the compressor
    if the compressor had a burnout, the oil would turn acidic creating an odor if there is a leak

    personally I would check what’s inside, open a box of baking soda and see if this eliminates the odor

    if your fridge quits cooling, you’ve got a leak

  4. latenttraveler Says:

    May not be refrigerant, in fact I seriously doubt that it is what you are smelling ….more likely a fan motor or defrost component is going out and you are smelling it, if its anything like that causing the smell. I would clean it good first and see what happens; it will stop cooling pretty quickly if something is wrong with the hardware itself.

  5. Uncle Johnny Says:

    You already got some good answers, but just go to and find out how your fridge works……Its easy.

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