What does refrigerator coolant smell like?

Posted on November, 1 at 7:12 pm |

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I think I may have a leak.

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    8 Responses to “What does refrigerator coolant smell like?”

    1. Ricky L Says:


    2. sexy law chick Says:

      cool :)

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Good luck!

    3. Chibijan Says:

      it smells horrible.[sickly]

    4. level7ninja Says:

      bad….probably like car coolant…..

    5. Jason C Says:

      it depe nd’s on what kind of coolant it is. but they all have some what of an oil base to them.

    6. Satch Says:

      Really, You don’t want to know! leave this to experts that deal with refridgeration ect for your own health and safety! If the unit doesn’t cool properly and you suspect a strange smell its phone time! Never get your nose close to what you aren’t familiar with and never despense gas into the air harming the ozone!

    7. leftyjcw Says:

      If it is leaking slowly you can’t smell it. If it discharges all at ones you’ll get a wiff but would dissipate quickly (only to come back and haunt us in the form of global warming)

    8. Affordable Health Care Says:

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