Why does my refrigerator smell of death?

Posted on March, 22 at 4:52 am |

We do not have old food or drink in our refrigerator (trust me we checked and even threw away borderline items). We clean in fairly regularly. However sometime after this weekend when we moved the refrigerator to clean under it, and the bottom of it around the motor and screen etc, we noticed it beginning to smell terrible. Apparently, the previous tenants nor the landlord had ever cleaner underneath it and we did clean out some stinky dust clumps. We looked in the fan that blows inside the fridge and it looked like it may also have minuut traces of dust stuff inside. Very little but some. Could some of it have come loose after cleaning and got sucked up inside and be causing the foul smell? we decided to clean underneath due to the fact that we thought we had a mouse, and well we did, and we caught it. I could swear though that it smells like a dead mouse is inside the fridge and the smell is blowing out all over our food. This makes me ill in my gut to think of the nasty smells blow all over my food. Any ideas as to what it could be and how do I stop it?

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9 Responses to “Why does my refrigerator smell of death?”

  1. Rick Says:

    I am not an appliance guy but i am a plumber and got called to a house once for a horrible smell that we definitely thought was a sewer problem, so after checking and treating every drain and the smell was still there we finally found that it was a condensation tray in the back bottom of their fridge, that had a slimy build up that REEKS !!!! check it out…. perhaps its that ?

  2. swaney Says:

    ok lots of answers but not sure if youll like all of them.
    1 buy new fridge.
    2 re clean top, bottom, in , out, up, down, above, and on top.
    3 if u are a renter, talk to owner / manager / maintenence and get someone to help.
    4 order a professional to come out and fix / check it
    5if you live alone, get free advice from family and friends and get someone to help you look at it or help you check which part stinks to have it replaced. sorry if its not much help…but really its all we can do :}

  3. ßob the Narcissist's Husband Says:

    A dead mouse may smell like sewage. I could have crawled up into the insulation so you can’t get at it. It will clear up in 3 days. Til, then, keep an open box of baking soda (or two) inside to absorb oders and put a trap behind the fridge with the open (food) end toward the wall so the mouse comes along the wall onto one side of it.

  4. Rocky Says:

    Place a open container that won’t spill behind your refrigerator of ammonia and leave the hose for the day, it smells strong. If something did die inside say a poisoned mouse and it quit rotten beyond smelling stage that should sort of clean the insulation and all so that it will go away.
    If it doesn’t then you probably had a dead critter hiding inside rotting away as you read this. They will burrow through the foam like insulation sometimes and make a opening to have babies.

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