Cat vs. Dog urine- How can you tell the difference?

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I have a cat and a dog, and one of them keeps peeing on things in my house when I am not home >:( To be able to resolve this issue, I need to know which one of them is doing it. Is it true that cat urine will glow under a black light while dog urine will not?

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17 Responses to “Cat vs. Dog urine- How can you tell the difference?”

  1. cavyslave2000 Says:

    There is a very noticeable difference between the smell of cat urine versus dog urine. Cat urine is very strong, high in ammonia content. Dog urine, on the other hand, has almost a sweet smell to it and is not nearly as potent. If the smell doesn’t knock you over or make your eyes water, I’d suspect the dog!

  2. leah_bass Says:

    They both will but cat urine has such a distinct smell. The smell will stay around forever. You should be able to tell the difference for sure.

  3. Pardon? Says:

    Cat urine has a more acidic taste than dog urine.

  4. JORDAN Says:

    cat urine tastes saltier

  5. mr_crankypants Says:

    Dog urine smells like a person’s urine and cat urine smells like the most foul thing you’ve ever smelled. Dog urine smells will go away. Cat urine smell will not go away.

    You can also cause your cat to express urine by pressing gently on his belly. Then you can compare the smells.

  6. DP Says:

    I know that they say that cat urine will glow under a black light, but I am pretty sure dog’s will too.

  7. noskittles! Says:

    the cats urine the oder is worse the oder is really strong i think and sometimes smells like gum the cats pee spot should be smaller to if your dog did it and your near him after he did it he should act wierd the cat should act the same

  8. Mamie Says:

    Cat urine smells like ammonia. Dog urine smells muskier.

  9. dabluschmosprincess Says:

    Honestly your cat should be peeing in his or her litter box. The only reasons it wouldn’t go in the litter box is if it’s not clean and full. You need to clean the box out with pinesole at least 2 times a week. and clean the litter every day. If not they will go elsewhere to go to the bathroom and it’ll be real hard to train them to go back to going to the litter box for that purpose.
    So it’s more likely your dog is peeing. My dogs do that. I think more so the older blind one. Dogs will go if no one takes them out. My cat seems to be able to wait.( sometimes I have him in my bedroom without the litter box for hours with me and he seems fine.
    Dogs and cats are real different about having to "go". I know my dogs and probably all pet dogs, will ask to go to the bathroom. Wait at the door and wine and jump around. and cats just do the do and go the go.
    Hope this helps you figure it out.
    If you need to be maintaining the litter better I sujest doing that right now. You can make your cat real sick by not cleaning it often enough.

  10. inuyasha_1969 Says:

    a catspee glows but a dogs dosn,t but here you can tell a cats is more strnger smell you can be 500feet away and still small it where you can only small a dogs on 20 feet.

  11. shadow21276 Says:

    I had a pee problem, 4 cats, no dog. I finally set up a camcorder and figured it out that way.

  12. yo mothers fuker Says:

    if the dogs peein the itll be half way up the wall hehe

  13. catloverme123 Says:

    get them both to the vet to check for urinary tract infection

  14. Nikki Says:

    Cat urine has a strong overwhelming stink. Dog’s smell kinda almost like human pee.

  15. Donnertagskind Says:

    feline urine is really strong smelling and almost burns your nose. canine urine is not as acidic – smells basic.

  16. Miss_Mango Says:

    Don’t worry about it. Go down and buy "Pet NO" spray and spray it in areas where the animal is peeing.

  17. pushmy e Says:

    my dog’s leave puddles that dry, there is a cat that sprays urine at my back door and leaves a wet patch like a windex bottle might and seames to stay sticky. I HATE CATS!!

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