Does Cat Pee Odor Ever Go Away If You Don't Wash It?

Posted on May, 19 at 1:47 pm |

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How long does it last?

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    6 Responses to “Does Cat Pee Odor Ever Go Away If You Don't Wash It?”

    1. ♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥ Says:

      No, it gets worse. The urine doesn’t evaporate, it forms crystals that stink to high heaven for forever. Get an enzyme cleaner like Anti Icky Poo to get it out.

    2. mailaccount63 Says:


    3. Elizabeth Says:


    4. shaycos Says:

      Yes but it takes ages (weeks to months), whilst the smell is Still there cats will be tempted to use the spot again.

    5. Kristen Says:

      no and if its not washed really good they will smell the spot and continue to pee there

    6. Hosting Says:

      I’ve been through this site and was wondering if you are going to be writing more on this subject. I would love to see more.

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