How can I remove stain from dog urine on wood?

Posted on April, 8 at 9:38 am |

There is a dark stain on oak floor from dog urine. Is there a remedy? I have already used laundary bleach and oxalic acid, as well as light sanding.

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10 Responses to “How can I remove stain from dog urine on wood?”

  1. Gerald J Says:

    I’ve been in the wood floor business for over 20 yrs.. It really depends how deep the urine has penetrated into the wood. I hate to tell you this, but you will probably need to replace the wood, the acid in the urine will discolor (usually turns very dark if not almost black) the wood as deep as it has penetrated. If it hasn’t penetrated too deeply, you may able to sand it out, but it will take more than a "light sanding," and you should always try to sand the stain out before doing any replacing. Unfortunately there are no commercial products that will take the stain out, and be careful using bleach. Unless, you are an expert at matching wood stains and finishes, it may be best to hire a hardwood flooring contractor, sorry for the bad news.

  2. Sandyspacecase Says:

    Sorry ,not likeley unless you try wood bleach. Bye

  3. Kathy A Says:’re gonna have to take the finish off, sand and re finish…unrine is an acid and eats things…

  4. Tooly Says:

    Use bleach.. ez nice

  5. budde ugly Says:

    Wood bleach. But you have to be careful or you will bleach the wood lighter than the surrounding area. It will show when you stain or polyurethane the floor.

    If it doesn’t work right, you will have to replace the affected boards.

  6. unofornaio Says:

    I just got done helping a neighbor re do his oak floors and he had 3 stains from cats…worse than dogs. Anyway we used pool shock (concentrated powdered chlorine bleach) after trying steam, oxalic acid, deck bleach, household bleach, sanding, and just about every other "trick" recommended. The shock bleached the wood color out completely and the stain. We went back over it with some stain to regain the color (not prefect but you couldn’t really tell) varnished the whole floor and then polyurethane looks like it was just installed it came out beautiful. Keep in mind this was a very bad stain as another post mentioned the wood was black from the stain.
    Also we mixed the shock with just enough water to be like a runny paste and painted it on..Be careful this stuff makes some POWERFUL fumes if you thought the oxalic acid was bad this stuff is a hundred times worse. Good luck

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