How do you get the cat pee smell out of a brick floor?

Posted on July, 31 at 6:27 pm |

I have been saturating the area with an enzymne cleaner for months, yet the odor persists. The urine had eaten away at the varnish so it appears to have seeped into the bricks and grout.

Is there something more I can do? If I reapply varnish/sealant now, will it keep the odor from escaping?

(Preventing future soiling isn’t an issue because the cat died 4 months ago)

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12 Responses to “How do you get the cat pee smell out of a brick floor?”

  1. Ris Says:

    I’ve also had a similar problem, and found that the petshops now have a range of products that may help, but the supermarkets in NZ sells an Australian product called No Vac, which neutralizes pet odours> It’s a foam spray and I used it and it takes the smell away completely. And it’s half the price of the stuff they sell at the pet shops.

  2. InformingCobra Says:

    Try vinegar. Get a towel, (approximatley the size of the area being cleaned), put the towel over the infected area, put vinegar into the towel on the floor and let it soak for approximately 2 hours. Should do it.

  3. ? Says:

    smell be gone in any hardware store it will take any smell out of any thing
    hope it work 4 u

  4. Margaret L Says:

    If vinegar doesn’t work, apply baking soda. When it stops fizzing, rinse. If it still smells, try diluted chlorine bleach (Javex, etc.) – don’t let it splash on you or your clothes as it is caustic. Rinse well afterwards, and re-apply some vinegar to neutralize the bleach.
    Hope this works

  5. Theresa B Says:

    I got cat urine smell out of winter blankets!. Yes, I am not lying. I went to a medical supply store that sold ostomy & urostomy products. They carry deodorizers for patients with these.

    I washed the blankets with these "designed for urine/stool products & the oder disappear. Exposure to sunlight helped too.

  6. Katie C Says:

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  7. Ashleigh Says:

    The odor will persist even after you reapply a sealant. As urine has an ammonia base I would avoid any ammonia products. Try a chlorine based wash.
    Have looked up:
    and checked their solutions?

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