how to get dog urine out of couch?

Posted on October, 5 at 4:49 am |

My dog urinated on my couch. It just happened today and I don’t know what to do to get the urine out of the couches. It is tweed type of couch. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!!

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11 Responses to “how to get dog urine out of couch?”

  1. trishsmom Says:

    your only hope is take it outside and use gas and a match. have never been able to get the smell totally out of one yet. sorry

  2. everett1204 Says:

    petsmart or petco sell a couple great products for that. or you can try a carpet cleaning product.. just spray it on and dab it with a towel.. test it on a small part first, you dont want to discolor your couch.. well, its already got piss all over it ,so i wouldnt be to worried about effin it up……..

  3. JennyWren Says:

    Oh, boy that’s not a fun problem to deal with. Don’t use any chemicals on the area until you get the proper products. You’ll need an enzymatic cleaner, the kind made for urine spots. It contains dormant bacteria which "wake up" when exposed to a food source–organic matter. Treat per instructions using warm, not hot, water (hot water kills the beneficial bacteria).

    One of my favorite products is made by Milliken Carpet Mills, called "Capture". I’ve used it on cat barf and dog diarrhea and never had a problem. The stain is gone, the smell is gone, it’s safe for upholstery and is the only carpet cleaner which doesn’t void the manufacturer’s warrantee.

  4. jenny Says:

    natures miracle!!! it comes in the form of wipes and cleaning solution! totally workss

  5. l'il mama Says:

    You can go to any large pet store and there are products that remove urine stains and smells. Im sorry I don’t know the exact names of the products but when my puppy was peeing all over my carpet, I went and purchased these and they worked.

  6. Extremely sad Says:

    My dog has frequent urination problems. My grandma sent me a product through QVC… I’m telling you it worked wonders. It’s called Dan Aslett Cleaning Secrets. It comes in various forms of cleaner to remove pet urine and other pet stains from upholstery, carpet, clothing. It smells fabulous, and I’ve been using it religiously and nobody could tell my princess has had an accident right where they sat…lol

  7. screaminginside75 Says:

    I know this is going to sound bizzare……….but get some douche
    Yes, weird, however, the enzymes in the baking soda and vinigar will take the urine scent completly out of the sofa, and the stain (if there is one) as well. Your dog won’t be temped to go there again, because he won’t smell his previous urine.

    It’s cheaper, and more effective than anything you could ever buy from a store!

    Hope this helps!!

  8. toby h Says:

    You do not need an expensive commercial cleaning solution. Mix white vinegar and water in a 1-to-1 ratio and clean where your dog has urinated. I have had dogs my whole life and this does remove the scent of urine.

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