how to get dog urine smell out of certain things?

Posted on August, 31 at 7:15 pm |

i just washed three of my dog’s blankets because she had peed on them. When I took them out of the dryer the urine smell was still really strong! Is there anything I can do to get the smell out?

My dog also peed on the carpet in the same place many times. I used special formulated pet mess clean up that i bought from petsmart but it did not work. The stains are totally gone, but the smell is totally there!

Please help me get rid of the dog urine smells. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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8 Responses to “how to get dog urine smell out of certain things?”

  1. Rachel (: Says:

    When you wash the blankets, dump some white vinegar in there. I don’t know exactly how much, but for a large load I’d do 2-3 ‘chugs’
    Put it on extra rinse
    Add some fabric softener
    And you should be good!
    Also, since the blankets came out of the dryer smelling like urine, there’s a chance that smell is ‘stuck’ inside your dryer (meaning clothes or anything else will come out of the dryer smelling like urine too)
    So, for that, just dump some vinegar on a towel (don’t saturate it, maybe just a cup or 2) and stick it in the dryer.

    Use the vinegar on the carpet as well.
    When I was house training my dog, I just bought 2 spray bottles. One filled with vinegar, one filled with water. Came in SO handy.
    After soaking up the pee, I just spray the carpet with vinegar, saturate it. Scrub it in a bit. Soak it up with paper towels. Spray with water. Scrub it a bit. Soak that up with paper towels.

    Works like a charm for me. I swear by it. A lot cheaper than the pet stuff too.


  2. just an opinion Says:

    For your carpet, I would recommend using a steam cleaner (you can probably rent one for around $30), or else bite the bullet and hire a professional to come clean it (call for prices, but around here it’s about $80-100). That will get rid of the existing stains and smell.

    For accidents in the house, I use Resolve Pet Stain & Odor Remover. I clean them up as soon as they happen if I can. If they still stain, I use Spot Shot.

    For washable bedding or rugs, along with the detergent I also use a 1/4 cup of white vinegar. It’s supposed to get rid of the ammonia smell, which is what keep the dog coming back to pee in the same places.

    And for general odor control, I do vacuum regularly with Febreeze-scented vacuum bags. Also, spraying around the house with Febreeze once or twice a week, or lighting a scented candle is effective.

    As far as controlling the messes, remember to crate your dog when you’re not at home or can’t supervise her. If that’s not an option, at least try to keep her out of rooms where she tends to pee. Also, only give her water a few times a day, and let her out around 20-30 minutes after she drinks.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Beth Says:

    For your blankets..Vinegar. (It will work on the carpet as well, but you have to make sure you get it back up.) As an extra bonus, besides being cheap, most animals tend to avoid urinating there again.

  4. RoVale Says:

    Either rent a rug cleaner or have your carpet professionally cleaned. Better yet, have it replaced if you can afford it and don’t allow the dog into that area again. Other formulas only mask the smell and it’s only a matter of time before it returns because the urine is still there. In order to eliminate the smell, you also have to remove the urine.

  5. viv Says:

    Baking soda eliminates cat’s urine smells, so it should work on a dog’s. I have found that cleaning products that include baking soda are great. Just spray them on and leave them for a while, then wash it – you will find the smell has disappeared.

    Good luck

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