How to get rid of fleas and odors coming from the cat's litter box? HELP PLEASE!!!?

Posted on March, 23 at 5:41 am |

I have 2 cats and I must admit I have a flea infestation. How do I get rid of all of them by this weekend?? Also how do I get rid of litter box odors before the same deadline!? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks in advance :)

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7 Responses to “How to get rid of fleas and odors coming from the cat's litter box? HELP PLEASE!!!?”

  1. catlover Says:

    Flea bombs, sprays and vacuum the carpet at least 3 times a day! Throw out the old litter, scrub the box with clorox(it doesn’t hurt cats) and wash whatever you can. Make sure you cats don’t have more, give them a bath with flea killing soap. you can also get these pills from your vet that are pretty cheap and they kill fleas and eggs on your cat in less than 30 min.

  2. chzbrgr Says:

    Get some Frontline or Advantage and put it on your cats – the fleas should be dead within 48 hours. As for litter box odor, use a high-quality clumping litter, scoop it regularly and buy an air freshener. If you have not recently scrubbed the boxes that’s a good idea too. Use hot water and a bleach solution.

  3. carlee Says:

    When my cat got fleas we tried buying the do-it-yourself flea bombs but those didn’t work because they only killed the adult fleas. In order to properly get rid of ALL the fleas you have to have your house professionally sprayed. For the cats, buy Frontline or Advantage, you can buy it from your veterinarian. Flea collars do not work! They only keep the fleas away from the neck area so this will not solve your problem! It would be a good idea to give the cats a flea bath then apply the flea treatment between the shoulder blades when the cat is dry.

    As for the litter box odor. Clean it out and scrub out the litter box with hot water and some type of cleaner or simply dish soap.

    Good luck!

  4. malialeilani Says:

    Fleas: if it’s a true infestation, you need to treat the source (the cats) and then deal with the collateral. (the carpets, bedding etc)
    get your cats on some sort of flea medication like revolution, advantage or program. These in my experience have been the most effective. if you can’t afford those, even flea collars and a bath (if you can) is a good idea. You should also deworm your cats (it’s pretty cheap ($7 for one treatment)and easy to do) because they can get worms from fleas believe it or not.

    Now you need to vaccuum everything and wash all bedding. Do your cats go in your linen closet or clothes closet to sleep? if they do, wash everything that sits low. it’s unlikely that many fleas would jump up to the hanging clothes. You can also buy perimeter sprays to spray guessed it, the perimeter of each room and along doorways. We use a fairly safe one that you can buy at the vets…if you have kids, birds or an aquarium use with caution as these are obviously a lot more sensitive to chemicals. cover your aquarium, remove or cover your birds and keep kids out of the room for a few hours until it dries. here’s a link to the product… it’s extremely effective.

    Litterbox:… if it stinks… clean it. empty all of the litter out and throw away. wash litter pan in hot soapy water until it’s squeaky clean. dry completely, replace liner if you use one and fill with fresh litter. voila it won’t stink untilit needs scooping again. A litterbox with two adult cats needs to be scooped daily, if not twice daily, and probably completely emptied and cleaned every 7-10 days. (but it really depends on your cats) I would also recommend using Arm & Hammer unscented multicat clumping litter. It’s infused with baking soda and helps to tackle those extra stinky odors. It only works if the cats cover their messes…

    you could also look at getting a covered litter box that has a deodorizor built into the roof. I also believe you can buy a plug in ozonator..which will help combat the really stinky cats.

    good luck.. sounds like you have company coming over?

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