What is the best thing to do to cover up litter box odor?

Posted on April, 8 at 8:11 am |

We change the litter box often, but it still ends up smelling up the house, any tricks or ideas to keep it smelling fresh

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25 Responses to “What is the best thing to do to cover up litter box odor?”

  1. V P Says:

    Charcoal……..you can get them in small bags to put at the bottom of the tray. They are just wonderful…you get no smells at all as the charcoal absorbs the adours. I had a Siamese inside and you wouldn’t know I had an indoor cat because…… no smell.

  2. lou b Says:

    There is a powder you can add to the litter. Washing the tray occasionally, also.

  3. TIMOTHY D L Says:

    Feed your cat a good quality cat food and it won’t stink as much. Use that clumping clay so it is easer to clean.

  4. anonymous Says:

    Try changing brands.

  5. sdvwallingford Says:

    We have been having very good luck adding extra baking soda to the litter, sprinkle it on and then mix it in. A big improvement!

  6. 9inches Says:

    sprinkle a litle baking poweder inn the cat lier mix it in throughly!!

  7. Homey G. Says:

    I would say butting the litter box by a window.There is this special order powder from walmart.And get about 5 of the 99 cent air fresheners from walmart.Change your litter box once a week.It worked 100% for me.I hope it works for you.

  8. bubbagumpsrevenge Says:

    get rid of the cat

  9. Tero Says:

    We found that just like if you took a big dump and didn’t flush, unless you scoop everyday there is going to be smell. However there was a marked improvement once we decided to start forking out the cash for Iams cat food. MAJOR difference, it made a big difference in their coats as well.
    Much Peace

  10. sparkleythings_4you Says:

    Better food (IAMS or James WellBeloved)

    scoop out wee and poop every day, morning and night

    Get a covered litter tray, they have built in filters which help with the smell

    Use wood chippings as litter, such as Beauticat, it is made from recycled wood and smells of pine, it is very economical and biodegradable, and does not set like concrete if it gets wet.

  11. macleod709 Says:

    arm and hammer super scoop litter and use arm and hammer litter box deoderizer and use a coverd litter box with an air filter, make sure you have 1 litter box for each cat and one on each level of your house. and clean them all out every day maybe a couple of times a day and use litter liners and change the liner once a week and once a month wash the box itself. place litter box deoderizer on the bottom of the pan before you put the liner in.

  12. pamphetamine Says:

    add baking soda to the litter to neutralize the acidity of the cat urine. I think arm & hammer even makes a cat litter with baking soda in it but it is expensive. Also, use a heavy clay litter. It seems to absorb more of the urine quickly.

  13. PrincessShine Says:

    Use Arm & Hammer Cat litter deodorizer. They sell it at like Target for $1.99 and its located where the cat litter is. Just sprinkle some of that whenever you change the litter box and it does a good job of eliminating the odor.

  14. JR Says:

    Baking soda. Also helps with fleas

  15. alfawolfette10 Says:

    We use Science Diet – it is low odor. We have tried other cat foods but the odor was awful.

    Our Vet recommended Science Diet – yes, it may cost a little more, but it’s worth it. The cat’s coat is healthier too.

    Our cat hated Iams and I think the SD is better than that anyway.

  16. site23 Says:

    get a cover for it clean it offen

  17. pixelscapes Says:

    Clumping litter, baking soda, frequent scooping, and a Litter Locker all help.

    Here’s the Litter Locker:

    It’s like what they use for baby diapers, only for litter clumps! It seals the smell away so easily that we’re much more eager to scoop — compare that with scooping and then having to bag it or truck it over to the trash can. We just change the Locker bag out every couple weeks.

    Supposedly they also sell flushable clumping litter, but I’ve heard mixed reviews on just how "flushable" it really is…

  18. sassy2sloppy Says:

    i had the same problem so i went and got a new litter last night, TidyCat for small smaces…so far its worked better then the other stuff i had…its also not as fine and wont track as well.

  19. vickie S Says:

    Arm and Hammer dusting powder or the clear pellet litter you change once a month.put charcoal in a cup close to the litter box. or get a elect. litter box.

  20. clorenda23 Says:

    use arm and hammer baking soda. try deodorized litter.

  21. MJ Says:

    I use Baking Soda , inthe Bottom Before i put the litter in , Works GREAT , an it’s cheap ! Baking Soda !!!

  22. alanc_59 Says:

    how about cleaning it once in a while?

  23. baby momma Drama Says:

    I feed my cat Cat Chow and use Fresh step kitty litter and scoop daily When I do I sprinkle baking soda in there too and I purchased a covered litter box

  24. mich Says:

    i buy a pine scented litter i also have what is called a cat loo its a litter tray with a top on it swith a cat flap so it keeps bad smells inside it also has filters that you can change theyre not expensive mine cost £12.99 and you would only have to change once a day .

  25. Jane B Says:

    You have got to scoop out the clumps of urine and poop daily to keep the odor down. A covered box helps too, be sure to check the lid to see if it has a "locking lip" .If you have a male cat he may spray inside the box and that will cause an odor as it drips on the floor. A mat under the box helps too, keep a whisk broom and pan near the box for quick clean ups of tracked litter. Every time you clean the litter clean the box too, spray it with a lightly or unscented disinfectant. AND replace that stinky thing at least once a year with all the scratching they do it is not just the litter that gets dirty.

    Lastly go to the source of the problem your cat. Find the quality brand of food that works with his system. For my boys it’s Iams but many brands have "indoor" or low odor formulas now.

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