How do I get rid of skunk smell in dog's mouth?

Posted on September, 10 at 5:40 pm |

So my dog got sprayed last night in the face by a skunk. We got most of the smell out of his fur right away, but now his mouth still smells terrible! Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?? I’m pretty desperate! Thanks.

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7 Responses to “How do I get rid of skunk smell in dog's mouth?”

  1. Ian Says:

    try buying bones that make their breath smell better normaly. it should wear off too. if it doesnt, try brushing your dogs teeth but not with toothpase, yes brushing its teeth , try using and old toothbrush and just water. good luck :)

  2. Claudia Shapiro Says:

    To the person answering above me (NjH and Patricia Isabella), dogs have a VERY low ability to taste things, extremely little.
    So little that if they licked an alcohol swab it wouldn’t burn their tounge. Also so little that they can’t taste most salty things and can barely taste sweet things.
    They can smell things WAY better than we can, but they can taste WAY less than we can, which is partly due to the fact that they have less bacteria in their mouths.
    Try giving the dog ketchup or tomato sauce.
    You can go to the pet store and buy a dog toothbrush and toothpaste.

  3. Hale Says:

    Don’t try anything on the dogs’ mouth that you wouldn’t use on your own mouth.

  4. NjH Says:

    ugggghhhhh imagine how that tastes! poor dog! they say you’re supposed to bath in tomato juice so I guess you could try feeding him that mixed in with dry food. Or brush his teeth? Or get him those dentastix (or whatever theyre called) which which clean his teeth and hopefully help to get rid of the smell in his mouth.

  5. Patricia Isabella Says:

    Gently brush his teeth with a mixture of 50% Apple Cider Vinegar & 50% Water. The dog will not like it, as the taste/smell is very bitter. But, it does work. Or, if you have a syringe or even an eye dropper, it’s much easier to just fill that up with the mixture and squirt it in his mouth. Do either of these once an hour for two or three hours and the smell should dissipate.

    Good luck.

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